THE dance school for Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical & Ballet from Pre-School to Adults
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2.00 PreSchool9.15 Pre School9.15 Pre School2.00 Pre School3.309.30 Preschool
3.30 Pre Junior Jazz10.00 Pre School10.00 Pre School3.30 Junior Jazz4.15 Jun Gold Lyrical 10.15 Junior Jazz
4.15 Grade 2 Jazz3.30 Grade 1 Jazz2.00 Pre school4.15 Grade 2 Jazz5.00 Sen Bronze Lyr11.00 Pre Major Jazz
5.15 Grade 3 Jazz4.15 Grade 4 Jazz3.30 Grade 1 Jazz5.15 Grade 3 Jazz5.45 Sen Silv Lyric12.00
6.15 Grade 4 Jazz5.15 Grade 5 Jazz4.15 Grade 5 Jazz6.15 Major Jazz 6.30 Adv Bronze Lyr
7.15 Grade 6 Jazz6.15 Int 1 Jazz5.15 Grade 6 Jazz7.15 7.15
CourtneyBrooklynCourtneyMichelleBrooklyn Michelle
3.30 Grade 1 Jazz3.30 Beginners Jazz6.15 Pre Major Jazz4.15 Beginners Lyrical3.30 Pre Grade Jazz 9.00 Primary Ballet
4.15 Junior Jazz4.00 Pre Junior Jazz7/15 Advanced Jazz4.45 Jun Silver Lyrical4.15 Pre Grade Jazz9.30 Grade 2 Ballet
5.00 Adv Jazz4.45 Pre Junior Jazz 5.30 Int Fnd Ballet5.0010.15 Grade 1 Ballet
6.00 Int 1 JazzClaireEzra6.30 Interm BalletMichelle11.00 Beginners Tap
7.00Community Centre3.30 Begs Hip Hop7.30 Adult Jazz5.00 Open Tap11.30 Grade 3 Ballet
Charlotte3.30 Prep Contemp4.00 Jun Bronze Hip
8.155.45 Grade 8 Ballet12.15 Grade 4 Ballet
7.00 Adv Silv Lyrical4.15 Level 1 Contemp4.30 Int Bronze Hip Hop6.45 Body Cond1.15 Grade 5 Ballet
7.455.00 Level 3 Contemp5.15 Int Silver Hip Hop7.15 Technical Class3.00pm Adult Tap
Michelle6.00 Level 2 Conmpte6.00 Sen Bronze Hip Hop7.453.45
Community CentreMichelle6.45 Sen Silver Hip Hop
5.30 Interm Ballet5.30 Int Silver Lyrical
6.30 Int Found Ballet6.15 Int Silver LyricalBrooklyn
7.307.15 Grade 8 Ballet7.30 Adult Hip Hop